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Serious Swimming Pool Accidents at Hotels, Waterparks Or Public Pools in Louisville, KY Are Inexcusable

A common misunderstanding people have about public pools such as those at theme parks, hotels and public pools in Louisville, KY is that by simply posting a "No Lifeguard On Duty" or "Swim At Your Own Risk" sign, the facility or company is absolved of any liability when an accident or even a drowing happens. This is often NOT the case which is why it's critical that you speak to an attorney who's experienced in handling these types of cases if your family experienced tragedy at one of these places in Louisville, KY

The J. Reyna Law Firm will listen to your story and examine the details surrounding the accident to determine if you have a case.

Where Most Victims Make Mistakes with Their Claims

Most people do not understand their legal rights, or the limits on hotel liability, when they take a vacation or spend a weekend away at a hotel. This puts the hotel at a major advantage in situations in which you are injured in an accident.

While the property manager may have dealt with situations like this before and will have an insurance company and legal team at the ready, as the guest, you may not know what to expect. Trying to handle the situation on your own could jeopardize your claim and minimize your recovery. That’s where a personal injury lawyer in Louisville, KY comes in.

Personal Injury Basics - What Duty Do Hotels and Resorts Owe to Their Guests?

Hotels and resort properties are responsible for maintaining reasonably safe locations. When a guest is hurt due to the neglect of the hotel's employees or the hotel itself, the hotel could be held liable in a personal injury lawsuit or claim.

In order to illustrate that a hotel was liable for injuries that happened on the premises, it is essential to illustrate that the hotel was negligent. This means establishing that the hotel breached the duty owed to the individual who was injured on the premises and that this breach of duty led to an injury.

  • 3,536

    Average Number Of Drownings Per Year in the USA

  • 1/5

    1 out of 5 who die in pool accidents are children

  • 50%

    Of drowning victims need to be treated in emergency departments

  • 1-4

    Age of children with highest drowning rate

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No one should be injured due to another’s negligence, but unfortunately, these situations happen with alarming regularity in the U.S. If you can show that the hotel did not adequately meet safety standards or that they knew about a serious risk, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries after a pool accident.

Basics Duties for Hotel Owners and Managers

There is a general responsibility for hotels to use reasonable care in operating their businesses and protecting guests. Hotel guests may be referred to as an invitee via premises liability law, meaning that such an individual is entitled legally to a strong degree of protection. A hotel should take the steps to maintain and inspect the premises to keep all areas in a reasonably safe condition. Any sudden and emerging problem should be notified with signs and addressed as quickly as possible. Hotel responsibilities and duties for guests typically include:

  • Ensuring that stairs and elevators are reasonably safe
  • Keeping locks on hotel rooms
  • Exercising reasonable care in bringing on hotel staff
  • Ensuring proper security measures, such as cameras and guards to avoid assault and theft
  • Ensuring that insect infestation is kept to a minimum
  • Ensuring that appropriate pool staff has been hired

When a hotel does not inspect their premises or keep the premises reasonably safe, they have breached their duty to guests and this could form the bases of a personal injury claim filed on the part of a victim. Hotels and resorts do have a liability as it relates to injuries that occur on the premises and in situations in which an injury occurs in a pool. It is important for all hotel and resort owners to be aware of the potential risks and to take all necessary steps to minimize these risks, such as consulting with an experienced swimming pool accident attorney in Louisville, KY.